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9 Questions to ask while outsourcing eCommerce development project

To mark your presence in the digital world, you are keen to introduce your business to the eCommerce market. You might know things, but you cannot be as technical as the professional in the field. You will need a professional to deliver perfection to the digital outlook of your store.

Businesses are no more confined to brick and mortar stores. The rush of people and the long queues are no more worries. The world is now being run on gadgets. These days, success depends on the efficiency you deliver in the digital world. The more efficient you are in the digital world, the more successful you are in the real world. 

To mark your presence in the digital world, you are keen to introduce your business to the eCommerce market. You might know things, but you cannot be as technical as the professional in the field. You will need a professional to deliver perfection to the digital outlook of your store. 

Outsourcing is not a bad choice. With managing costs and high-quality work, outsourcing facilitates each sized business. Outsourcing saves money, time and resources. However, hiring the wrong person for the project will give you headaches and waste your money and time. You need to inquire about a few things before outsourcing an eCommerce development project.

Do you have any experience related to my project? 

Each project requires unique skills. Make sure that the candidate has enough skills to appropriately execute the project. Ask for the relevant samples and predict if the candidate is suitable for your project. If the candidate acquires the skill sets you are looking for, then opt for him. Hiring the wrong person will cost you money, time and resources.

You can also hand over your project to a fresher if he has the right skills. Ask him to give you a demo of a short project adjacent to the actual one. Freshers often put more effort and are diligent and passionate about their primary projects. 

Is developing a passion or profession? 

Those who are passionate about something always go out-of-box and work efficiently. These kinds of people put extra energy into the project and are concerned more with the output. Their love and passion strive for perfection and feel dissatisfied if they are not up to the mark. The only drawback is their ideal projections for your project. 

Professionals take care of your choices. Their experience speaks for themselves. It is their profession, and they know how to execute in the required manner. You must not expect creativity from professionals, as they stick to the instructions. It is a question worth asking to acknowledge their inspiration. It will help you choose according to your preferences. 

Which tools do you use for communication?

Communication is the primary thing. It is a recommendation to go for a person with the same language. It will diminish the possibility of a communication gap. By the way, it is not obligatory. However, the communication must be grasping and understandable in between you for the required comprehension of the instructions. The whole tenure of the project demands tools for smooth and quick communication. Ask for the suggestion and preferences if the developer has previously used tools for communicating with his clients. 

You will require collaboration and tracking applications, emails and messaging tools to handle the queries, resolve enquiries at hand, and for retrieving and recording of information. I will recommend you Slack and Skype for communication and Dropbox and Google Drive for file sharing. Be not bossy and rude with your candidate. 

What is the culture of your office and streets? 

Your developer may have a different timezone and culture. You will have to schedule the deadlines respecting his work routine and timezone. Otherwise, you guys may face a delay in meeting the deadline unintendedly. Ask about his routine to prevent complications in the future. 

You must respect his culture and holidays as well. From the tea break to the national holidays, you must be aware of them. Its going to help you in building a strong relationship. It’s going to have a positive impact on your project. The developer will feel valued, and in return, he will value your project. 

Will you sign a contract for mutual insurance?

This is one of the foremost concerns. Make sure that your data is secured with the developer. You must work with a trusted software company that will not compromise your project idea. Another concern is backing off from the project just before the deadline. 

Sign an NDA with your partner and prevent yourself from any kind of unprofessional behaviour. If your professional outsourcer does not offer you an agreement, then you must do it. Make sure your developer can safeguard your data and information from being breached. 

Does the package include SEO and post-project support?

SEO is the mitochondria of the website. Without it, your website means nothing to the world. It will never hit the search bar. Your website will require search engine optimization. You must go for a candidate who is willing to include SEO in the package as well. It will save you some bucks. 

Your website will require regular maintenance even after once it is developed. Optimizations like SEO, API, catalogue update and many more need to be made regularly.

What else do you need to ask?

There are as many questions as the stars in the sky. But, we have shortlisted the must-asks: 

  • What would he require from you? He is going to require information time and again. 
  • Discuss the number of video calls that need to be made in a week for the progress report.
  • Decide the cost of the project first hand. Whether the single transaction or instalments would be suitable?

Final Words

Take time. Do not rush in hiring the developer. The success of your eCommerce store depends upon its design, SEO and content.

Good Luck. 

How Your Web Design Can Perfectly Interlay with Your Web Development

It is quite obvious that with the advent of internet and technology sweeping the corporate world with new and innovative breakthroughs, every business out there is looking for the perfect website to meet and exceed expectations. Nothing short of brilliance is required to create the perfect mix needed to generate an appealing website that captures the attention of visitors instantaneously. This is why both web development and web design for your online platform has to be a perfect match with each other to create something that is truly exquisite. Let us see how these two processes can be interlinked with each other to the point so that there are no shortcomings whatsoever.

Getting the Basics Right!

For noobs who want to have a clear start from the beginning, it should not come as a surprise that the basic difference between the terms web design and web development has to be established. Both of these processes are an integral part of your web building procedure and thus each of them plays a vital role on their own.  It should be clear to understand that web design primarily focuses on the aesthetic elements as well as the usability of your website. Whereas web development is where the design created is used to create a fully functional and operational website by means of various languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. One could say that web development serves as the infrastructure or the foundation on which web design rests.

Hence there is no doubt a need to know and comprehend which factors in your web design and web development matches with each other perfectly. This will enable you to make your decision process easy and also further changes can be effortlessly deployed once you are able to understand what these two processes stand for. No matter which search engine people use there are some common factors that can give you a better ranking when your website goes live. These include:

  • Keyword usage (SEO)
  • The structure of the site (Web development)
  • Site Speed (Web Design & Development)
  • Quality and Quantity of Inbound Links (SEO)
  • & Mobile Friendliness (Web Design & Development)

Popular Web Development Languages & What They Have to Offer?

The first thing that all of us need to understand is that technology and progress cannot be halted since with time, everything marches forward. There is no single language that is better than all of the rest as each language serves some basic functions which it can perform better than others.  Hence developers always keep a lookout for various key factors when undertaking a project, which allows them to make the best decision. Having said this let’s take a look at some of the common web development languages that are popularly used to this day:

  • .Net:

It allows you to develop a wide range of applications that are suitable for your website, mobile phone, and Windows operating system. Works well with several languages such as C#, C++, F#, and VB.NET. There is a gargantuan library of predefined classes which can help you get support for simple and complex forms of data.

  • Angular:

A TypeScript-based, open-source, and front-end application development platform which makes web development tasks easy. You can use this to create engaging web, mobile, and desktop focused applications.

  • CSS:

Generally used to style a website as it offers you options to choose regarding how your website can be presented as well as its layout. It is one of the most fundamental language developers use nowadays to create websites as it also goes hand in hand with HTML.

  • HTML:

It’s a language that enables you to form the layout and structure of your website, allowing you to instill beauty within the website with less coding requirement. It also serves as a primary starting point for most of the static pages online.

  • Java:

A language commonly used to create apps, games, software, and website content. Over 15 million devices use Java in one form or the other. Not only is it portable but it can also be run on multiple platforms.

  • JavaScript:

Actively used for various web development aspects, it enables you to add interactive components for your websites. It is best for websites that are looking for creating user engagements.

  • PHP:

An ideal solution for data-heavy app development and websites, it is an open source language that can be modified as per your preferences and usage needs. Facebook and WordPress websites use PHP to process and manage their data.

  • Python:

One of the easiest languages to work on as it basically offers you a great framework suited for your website needs.  It offers you a simple syntax that is straightforward. Both Instagram and Pinterest use this language.

  • SQL:

Used for computing a large quantity of data for your website. It can gather data from different databases and then present it to your website users. It needs to be paired with other languages to work effectively.

As you can see each language offers something a little different for website developers, which is why each language may have its own preferences when it comes to ease of use. It all comes down to how stress-free it is to use, how reliable it is, and how well it performs against your expectations and end goals that you seek.

Web Design Features That Are a Must in 2019

Now that we have established the basic difference each web development language offers, let’s take a look at some of the essential web design features that you simply cannot miss out on this year:

  • User-friendly navigation
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Eye-catching design, theme, vibrant color palettes, and overall appearance
  • Compatibility for various devices (i.e.: desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Website loading speed
  • Website accessibility
  • Customer support and chat-bots (machine learning too)

We hope this post was able to offer you some tremendous insights as to how web design needs can be perfectly interlaced through your web development process. As your needs and requirements change with time so will your website as well. Hence it is always best to discuss with both designers and developers to make the best decision possible keeping future changes in mind. For more questions and queries regarding the post please feel free to leave us a comment in the section below.

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