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A well-designed storyboard helps clearly visualize the story or scenes before you even film it. It helps spot possible problems and gives you time to find their solutions without wasting unnecessary resources. However, to get the best results you need a team of expert storyboard creators with relevant experience, who know how to make the best use of their knowledge, time and efforts.

Partnering with Brainy Bulls’ storyboard artists will give you access to quality storyboard designs, illustrations and film services at most competitive prices. Whether you have a simple storyboard script, a detailed storyboard, or no concept at all, our specialists can help transfer your vision into a storyboard and sequentially plan your video project.

We Offer Animated and Creative Story Boarding Services

Our animation artists help you better visualize your project with our well-designed storyboards. We provide our clients with professional storyboard examples that include drawing sketches and coming together of innovative ideas that sequentially move to the planning phase. On clients’ customized requests, we can also incorporate the audio and the duration of each shot along with our other services.

Our storyboard creators, at Brainy Bulls, offer different types of visual storyboard services, which can also be customized for each client’s individual needs and objectives.

Black and White Storyboards

The black and white storyboard is often the first step before finalizing how a client wants to tell the story. It is a panel of cleaner draft, with a more finished look than a thumbnail storyboard, which is more like a brainstorming board of possible ideas and ways the concept can go.

Whether we are making a product storyboard, video storyboard, animation storyboard or some other kind, the simple grey tones of black and white storyboards are highly recommended to impart enhanced attention to details. These types of storyboards are ideal for creating a pitch or animatic storyboard.

Color Storyboards

The color storyboards are just the regular storyboards but with the only difference of color tones that creatively enrich the experience and enhance the details. Colored storyboard panels are usually used for some commercial spots or video projects. We use the latest graphics technologies to create storyboards online to best meet your requirements.

Concept Panels

Concept panels can be in color or in black and white, they are the more finished and tighter illustrations. These panels are highly used for pitching a client or for a commercial spot that require highly concentrated images to sell the idea. Our artists work with you to create the most impressive concept panels that leave your clients amazed.


The digimatics technique is all about replacing the sketches with the digital images when put together these images provide a sense of motion and timing. This is most often used for advertising purposes, it helps to visualize different ad commercials and campaigns. With this technical service, we help our clients to leverage digimatics technology for pre-planning colossal, expensive shoots. It allows our clients to experiment, analysis possible issues, and make necessary changes before committing to any project.

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