Pay Per Click BrainyBulls

Did You Know!
  • 65 percent of customers click on ads while making a purchase.
  • Brand awareness can be boosted by around 80 percent via ads.
  • The top three ad spots on search engines take around 40 percent of the total clicks on the page for high commercial intent search queries.
Why You Need Our PPC Services?

We provide cost-effective Per-Per-Click services, customized in a way that bring the best possible results and tailored for your targeted budget.

Proven methodology

We create a unique plan and methodology for each client, which is tested on various levels and parameters. We apply the best industry practices to try and decrease your campaign expenses and at the same time boost traffic and conversions.

Vast experience

Our PPC team is enormously experienced by several industry verticals that give us an edge and help us understand your business thoroughly and offer various benefits.

Our PPC 8 Step Process

1 - Account Setup & Linking

You will need an account to run the successful PPC campaigns. We help set up your Adwords account within your budget and make sure you have all the resources required to run a successful PPC campaign.

2 - Keyword Ideas

This is one of the most basic steps in any PPC campaign. We create a list of core business keywords that are functional, high ranking, low-cost, and are long tail.

3 - Create an Ad Copy

Having a gripping ad text is significant for the success of any campaign. We come up with ad text for your campaign that encloses relevant keywords and includes promotion and discount offers that capture your customers’ attention.

4 - Landing page development

A well-optimized landing page is a very important factor in creating an effective PPC campaign. We design and develop landing pages that include comprehensive information related to your product and services and add responsive call-to-action buttons like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Subscribe’.

5 - Tracking Code & Testing

Instilling a tracking code will provide you with the knowledge of which of your keywords are profitable and will have a better conversion rate.

6 - Campaign Launch

After the keyword research and creating your landing page, we successfully launch your PPC campaign. Our team sets up the location and language according to your specifications.

7 - Monitor & Control

Monitoring the performance is one of the key aspects of any PPC campaign. We provide you with a comprehensive report of your PPC campaign which pin points all the major elements of the campaign contributing to its success.

8 - Analysis & Feedback

In-depth and comprehensive analysis and feedback are significant to uplift your campaign performance. We increase the bid of the rewarding keywords and stop the under-performing keywords for maximum return on investment.

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