Market Search and Analytics BrainyBulls

Our market search and web analytics consultancy services are designed to help you better understand your target audiences, their expectations, market trends, as well as how your website is performing across all platforms. Our consultation solutions enable you to make effective, data-informed business decisions for improved results.

Why you Need Market Research & Analytics Services

The increasing competitiveness in the business environment has made the role of market research imperative for a successful business. Market research helps you understand what your target audience want and need from your products or services, as a result, you can maintain and increase your sales and market share. Our market research specialists intimately understand customer behavior and the market and use a range of effective market research techniques to produce accurate, complete, and actionable results.

Web analytics enables analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data of your website and mobile app. It helps you improve the user experience of your existing and potential customers. Our analytics team will help you see exactly how and where your visitors are experiencing your brand. We also offer you ways to improve your user experience and ultimately boost business performance and objectives.

How Our Analytics Consultancy Services Can Help Your Business?
Measuring Models

Our analytics services will help you identify what your core business objectives are and how to measure them. Some websites have obvious objectives like an e-commerce website has the core objective to sell its products and services, while other websites may not have very clear objectives.

Data Verification

Only when you have full confidence in the data being recorded, you can be completely sure that your business decisions are sound. We facilitate a complete audit on your existing data and give you the confidence in the data you are reported.

Data Troubleshooting

When you update your websites or mobile apps, the analytics data can sometimes get muddied because of incomplete implementation or inaccurate tracking. Our data specialists and qualified Google Analytics experts can quickly find the most likely reasons for data discrepancies and provide solutions and repairs.

Visitor Behavior

Just knowing that a visitor has come to your website is not enough. You also need to know what subsequent steps and action were taken, only then you can realize the actual potential of that visit. With the help of our analytical knowledge, we can plot the visitors' journey on your website and provide assistance to make sure their expectations are met.

Trend Analysis

With our market research skills and historical information, our analysts and marketers quickly find out the patterns in your customers' behavior. We also recommend to-do actions that can help you capitalize on your predicted future outcomes.

Custom Market Research

Market research can help you maintain and increase sales when done right. We offer customized market research services including competition research, consumer motivation and behavior, new product development, and category reviews research.

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