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Say goodbye to old and error-prone software solutions today. Get in touch with us to discover more about our POS software and limited-time offers.

Brainy bulls is top-notch digital marketing and IT software solutions company based in Dubai that offers Point of Sale software solutions in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates. Contact us if you need accessible and affordable software solutions for your business.

Our quick POS system is designed especially for present-day small businesses like you. You will be able to streamline payment processing, payroll and bookkeeping, inventory and consumer management, and other business operations with the help of our software solutions in the form of effective POS software and hardware packages.

You can easily produce value-added tax (VAT) calculations and biddable VAT receipts for your products as well as effortlessly adhere to new VAT rules. Additionally, our software IT solutions will save your time and cut your budget along with helping you to provide no.1 customer service in town.

E-Commerce Software Solutions

Want to create an E-commerce store or already have one that’s not generating good ROI? Your problem has ended now. Increase your sales and get more leads with prime e-commerce software tailored to suit the needs of micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Our B2B e-commerce software solutions are quick to install and the easiest among all similar solutions present in the market.

Most B2B shoppers i.e., 73 % are millennials who can only be impressed with the finest digital services. We will customize software solutions for your business that will address and fill the gaps that are hindering the increase in your sales and stopping you to generate more ROI.

Our E-commerce software will allow you to grow fearlessly with these supreme features.

• Add fresh products without HTML coding skills
• Change costs of your products to put up specials and wholesale clients
• Generate advertising newsletters to develop consumer loyalty and replicate business
• Calculate Delivery through incorporation with FedEx, UPS, and USPS
• Process money transfer via credit cards securely
• Run your inventory

Simply Use, Quickly Learn and Alter as Per Your Need

Get our goal-oriented, intelligent, quick, and apt POS solutions for your business whether it’s a general store, restaurant, retail store, salon, laundry, supermarket, grocery store, jewelry shop, auto spare parts shop, garment shop, gift shop, or electronic goods store.

Along with offering the most economical prices in the market, our software solutions supply you with more control over all behind-the-scenes operations of your company. It means that your staff will be able to make contracts, clear the dues, maintain records and accounts, check for regulatory compliance, and furnish IT services.

On top of that, you would be able to control counter sales, bookkeeping and stockroom administration, trends, examination of Point of Sale, record management system, procuring, and more. Don’t worry if you lose your data for any reason because our automatic recovery backup system will retrieve all your data easily and quickly to avoid downtime.

Increase Your Revenue with World-Class Software Solutions

Are you looking for agile POS software for your restaurant or retail store? You have come to the right place. Our Point-of-Sale systems will provide you with all the tools to smoothly manage all the core functions of your business including a customer loyalty program, point of sale, business intelligence, etc.

Our software development solutions fully integrate with the retail process and automate its operations like store management and back-office management systems. Our professionals implement and maintain software solutions so that you get proper reports on how your business is doing and solve the issues that are hindering your progress. What’s more, you can easily import and export these reports to MS-Excel and PDF.

Furthermore, our software development solutions work with Zomato to make your accounting processes dynamic and smoother. You can easily upload pictures of your product to grab the attention of your customers.

Why Growth-Oriented Businesses Choose Us?

We offer benefits that will help you to make your business more profitable. Our salient features include:
  1. Four Security Levels
  2. Multi-Register
  3. Touch-Screen Ready
  4. Random Weight Barcode
  5. Mail Option
  6. Sales commissions
  7. Packing Slips & Label
  8. Suspended sales

Custom Software Development Solutions

We develop inter-organizational and corporate software that enables automatic enterprise-wide operations and encompasses interdepartmental data flows, and can also involve transactions with consumers, vendors, and partners. Some examples include POS, ERP, SCM, MES, and more.

Moreover, we build departmental software solutions that include premium software solutions to let your business reach new horizons of success or free software solutions that cover the requirements of a specific department within your company like inventory management, CRM, RIS, financial management software, and more.

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