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A website audit is a complete analysis of every element related to your website’s search visibility level and the user experience. A full and detailed website analysis will help you obtain a deeper understanding of the reasons for which your website is not producing the traffic you believe it should or possibly why your sales and lead conversions are not improving.

Healthy Websites Mean More Traffic & Sales

In today's competitive business environment, creating and launching a website is just not enough. No website will test fairly if it was cast off to fend for itself. As a brand and business with an online presence, you need to review and evaluate your website after regular intervals and ensure it is healthy at all times.

The findings of such analyses will help you understand what changes need to be made so that you can keep up with the market competition, as well as the changing trends of the online business. Website audit services at Brainy Bulls do exactly that.  Our technical experts check your website on regular basis for malaise and get them fixed so that your website only gets healthy with time.

Why Our Website Audit Services Are Unmatched In The Industry

  • Our team takes your website through a magnifying glass to identify all sore areas that can take away from all the hard work you put into building a successful and effective website.
  • We also offer SEO-friendly analyses of your website to comprehensively prepare your website for the needs and demands of various search engine algorithms and crawlers. Our website audit services team includes SEO experts who are highly dedicated to ensuring your website is going the right way from a search engine perspective.
  • We also have web designing, development and content strategy experts in our website audit team. As a result, they conduct examinations and make sure your website performs up to the expectation over the entire range of features.
  • Brainy bulls help you figure out solid business decisions and identify to-do actions using all those stats and data. With the help of our effective web consulting services and analysis, you can actually visualize a larger, in-depth picture of the working of your website. It is a great opportunity for you to identify the problem areas, and strengthen your strong points by making an actionable to-do list.

Types of Website Audit Services We Offer

Local SEO Audit

Our local SEO audit services help you point out the issues that are preventing your website from ranking high in your local search results. Our team will review your onsite and offsite local SEO strategies and efforts to find out what might be the areas of concern for your business.

SEO Technical Audit

For search engine success, it is very important that you have a web-friendly or accessible website. Our team will analyze your website coding and other technical elements to help identify the technical issues that might be causing trouble for search engines to crawl your website and be the reason your website is not ranking well.

SEO Content Audit

Our SEO content audit includes reviewing all the content on your website to find any relevancy issues that might be causing confusion for Google as to what your website is all about. Website content issues can possibly result in poor website ranking and low traffic generation.

SEO Link Audit

A clean and diverse backlink profile of your website can help you rank higher and will also give you more credibility with the search engines. Brainy Bulls' SEO link audit report will provide you with a complete outline as to your existing website ranking profile and identify any possible issues.

Competitive Audit

With information about how well your market competitors are doing, you will have a better understanding of what you need to do in order to improve your search ranking. Having this information will give you better insight to prepare the SEO strategy that helps you gain the competitive edge in the market.

Structured Data Audit

Another way to increase your organic footprint is to have proper Schema markup on appropriate web pages with increased use of rich snippets. We analyze your website to check if you are currently using Schema properly and provide our recommendations on where to better utilize this code.

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