Email Marketing Service

Grow your business with meaningful, long-term email conversations

See how team Brainy Bulls can make it easy for you to connect with your audiences via engaging and customized emails with high ROI.

How Our Email Marketing Solutions Can Help Your Business?

Connect With Your Audience

While you focus on your core business operations, we help build a long-lasting relationship on your behalf. Our email marketing services take care of your targeted email marketing campaign needs to create an effective channel of communication.

Capitalize on Your Investment

At Brainy Bulls, we have the resources, and a team of professionals with technical expertise to optimally manage your campaigns. Through our email marketing management solutions, we help you save your overhead expenses and manpower while optimizing your capital.

Enjoy being in the limelight

We help you get known to your audience and catch the public's eye. We make strategies to get you the right exposure and score potential leads unlike ever before with the help of your email marketing solutions.

Increase Your ROI

Promotional emails result in 70 percent of mobile purchases and they are the best-known tactic when trying to multiply your ROI. We help broaden the horizons of your returns through our email marketing solutions.

Observe and Adapt

We help you observe and monitor your target audiences' reaction to your email content and learn from every campaign. We provide you access to data and reports at any specific point of time. Study and adapt from your existing data to make future email campaigns even more favorable.

Cater to Your Target Audience

Data analytics and segmentation is the key to any effective email marketing campaign and at Brainy Bulls, we optimize your reports and provide focused data-driven solutions. With the help of our expert team and advanced technical tools, we run campaigns and provide detailed reports that individually address your target audiences.

Powerful Features, Minimum Effort

  • Design beautiful campaigns
  • Smart segmentation
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Real-time reports
  • Do more with Automation
  • Consistently improve with A/B testing

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