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Your App Is Your Business Asset. Make Sure It Performs Like One

Today, mobile apps are one of the greatest ways to effectively engage with your target audience. However, a majority of mobile app users expect instant performance and have a relatively short span of attention. Luckily, team Brainy Bulls can help you overcome any challenges you may be facing with your app's delivery. We make sure your audience continues to receive engaging app experience that drives higher engagement and brand loyalty.

Our Mobile App Optimization Services

Team Brainy Bulls addresses the mobile-specific performance of your business app at all critical layers and stages. Your mobile app users expect pages to load quickly, and the images to look perfect no matter what. Our technical experts understand this is no small challenge. As your mobile app optimization service provider, we got you covered.

Make better user engagement possible

Brainy Bulls make it possible for you to deliver the richest user experience at best probable time through network deployments that are uniquely suited for cellular users. We also use client-side technologies that can be very helpful for instantaneous app views and offer seamless browsing experiences through contextual prepositioning of content and network awareness.

Optimize images for mobile apps

We help you identify if you are on a good or poor network specifically for your mobile app. We can help make you more aware of your mobile app. According we request in for using big bold images or compressed images, to provide contextually rich product images and videos, or to work with generic content from device cache, while striving to produce maximum user experience.

Insights into user engagement and app performance

We provide you with on-device analytics about how actual users are interacting with your app and features including device, content, and network bandwidth, impact the app performance and user behavior. We also do event-based monitoring and measuring to determine the quality of user experience.

Quick purge and activation

You will need both scale and responsiveness to fulfill the expectations for your mobile app target audiences. Brainy Bulls offer unparalleled scale and the capability to purge cache configurations with few seconds. No other IT firm offers both.

Support for the latest performance standards

We make it easy for our clients to enable the latest internet standards, such as HTTP/2 and IPv6, and this inherently benefits your mobile app's performance. We help enable secure connections as a means to lead to better SEO, as well as the ability to allow HTTP/2 and the latest web protocol.

The Benefits Of App Store Optimization Services

  • Discoverability
  • Awareness
  • Conversions
  • Organic
  • Acquisition
  • Ranking

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